New News from Google to Delight Game Developers

Google’s game offering to gamers over the cloud. Stadia service created a great stir in the days when it was introduced. The reason for the great excitement was that games that require very powerful systems could be played over the cloud. For this all you need is a powerful internet theme, the players even started to think that the situations such as system collection or heading to consoles would become a thing of the past.

Now Although we do not see that the powerful systems collected for games are a thing of the past, we can say that this is possible with the developing technology. Even though the cloud gaming services, which have just taken their first steps, have not achieved the desired success now, there are people who work in this field. Google reminded everyone that he would not give up on this system with his latest attack.

Google will provide 3 new advantages to game developers:

In its culmination with game developers, Google will provide Stadia to game developers who will assist in its development. 3 new advantages mentioned. First, reduced board price. With this advantage, Google is responsible for the sales of the games that are new to the platform. only 15 percent will take up committee.

The 15% cut that Google will implement for the committee will have a limit of 3 million dollars, which will upset the major studios. In earnings above this, the committee size will be increased. developers, From October 1, 2021 to the end of 2023 will be able to benefit from it.

Second, Google is launching Stadia’s premium subscription system from the end of this month. 70% of Stadia Pro’s revenues, Pro games to its developers and distributors will give. Each game will receive its share of the revenues, depending on how many days in a month it is played by a user with a Stadia Pro membership.

Finally, Google will give a huge advantage to developers and distributors who advertise Stadia. Thanks to these partners, individuals who buy Stadia Pro membership subscription prices directly to partners will go.


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