New feature from Instagram to increase user security

Monthly More than 1 billion active users, one of the largest social media platforms Instagram, user security level up released a new feature that will release. Especially in the last period, some users accounts flooded this feature, which was subsequently introduced, I highly recommend stealing accounts. will make it harder.

Accounts will be in faith with Security Checkup!

Users’ accounts allow him to keep in faith is the name of this feature that will provide Security Checkup. With this feature, accounts potential danger

To users under , Securing your accounts on taking steps to provide will be guided.

Security Checkup, confirmation of other accounts sharing login information, login activity review, phone number or recovery contact information to email to users, including the ability to change path in security steps will display.

Instagram, Security Checkup, as well as for users to make their accounts more trustworthy. some formulas that are already used also suggested it again. In the middle of these formulas two factor authentication stands out, while Instagram will be launching for certain countries in the coming weeks. Two factor authentication also with WhatsApp account

(mtag101705) was announced to bring the supplement.

In addition, the company warned users about a valuable issue. In the last period, the company stated that they were from Instagram, and users account passwords

(mtag101705) and payment information

including sensitive information to those who request never listen to stated.

And also, ” Instagram will never send you a DM ”

The company using the term states that in case of such an event, users must have accounts that send DM to complain

(mtag101705) and unblock suggested.


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