New Electric Mercedes G-Class To Be Launched In September

CEO of Daimler AG, the umbrella company of German car giant Mercedes Ola Kallenius, in a statement made in 2019, announced that Mercedes would produce an electric-powered G-Class SUV. Saying that this vehicle will come in a few years, Kallenius reminded these words once again in 2020. The latest developments show that Mercedes’ electric off-road car is now could be very soon makes me think.

Known for sharing information about Mercedes Mbpassion

According to an argument put forward by , the car giant has come to the end of its electric-powered G-Class project. In fact, the company will launch the new SUV model in Munich in September. As part of IAA activities plans to introduce. According to mbpassion, in this teaser, it’s a part of the silent G-Class. prototype we will also have the opportunity to see.

Mercedes will introduce electric giant

A clear statement about Mercedes’ upcoming electric-powered giant SUV technical specification does not exist now. But if we consider that this vehicle is also used for off-road, we can speak of the existence of the 4×4 system. And this in the electric G-Class a pair of electric motors means it will. However, there are some arguments at this point.

According to the claims, with a double electric motor at least 500 kilometers a battery system that will offer range will make the new G-Class quite heavy. Even in the current situation

(mtag101702)2. 500 kilograms

It is stated that the electric motor version of the SUV, which is around , will reach 3 tons.

This will also need more power, the vehicle will need more power. at least 500 hp is believed to be in strength. All these theses may become clear in September. . .


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