Netflix Can’t Get Enough of Canceling Originals: New Victim Cursed

Just a few days ago 4 from Netflix announcing it canceled the original production, another cancellation news came. The streaming giant is releasing a fantasy drama inspired by the Arthurian legend that aired last year. Cursed

announced that he canceled .

Cursed’s cancellation is actually not a surprise. The series was published almost a year ago; We haven’t heard anything about its second term in 2020 and the first half of this year. This indicated that the second period was essentially in a thread. Still, this news is sure to be disappointing for fans of the show.

Katherine Langford and Gustaf Skarsgård co-creator of Cursed, influential comics author behind Sin City, The Dark Knight Returns, and Daredevil: Born Again Frank Miller’ The series did not receive bad reviews and it was said that it reached a significant audience. Therefore, it is a little difficult to predict why it will not continue. We know that Netflix doesn’t like to make statements on these issues either. In other words, we will never be able to find out clearly why Cursed came to the end of the road early. . .

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