Musk announced: Tesla broke records in the second quarter

Billionaire Elon Musk‘s electric car (EV) company Tesla can’t get enough of breaking records. The company founded by Musk and his teammates in 2003 is taking firm steps forward. But it’s not that bad news comes from time to time. For example, in the last Model S got burned while driving. After this event, the discussion of belief in the company and electric vehicles began. However, the HOUSING company continues to break sales and delivery records.

Tesla broke a record with 200 thousand deliveries

According to Tesla’s statement, the company broke a delivery record in the last three months. In the statement, for the first time in vehicle deliveries 200k announced that they passed the dam. In the second quarter of this year, the company has almost reached a milestone in sales and delivery.

Tesla in the second quarter of 2021 201 thousand 250 units stated that he was delivering a vehicle. This number was an all-time high for the company. HOUSING manufacturer in the first quarter of the year

if 184 thousand 800 vehicles delivered. Model 3

(mtag101705) and Model Y accounted for almost all of these deliveries. In fact, Model 3 and Y made up 204,081 parts of the production. The company has only 1,890 Model S

(mtag101705) and Model X delivered.

Luxury electric sedan

First deliveries for officially began on June 10. However, this number is not as large as some analysts had hoped. Because the allegations 231 thousand

It was up to .

Founder Elon Musk said that success is ” to many difficulties” he said he came against. He didn’t elaborate on what they were. But he had previously mentioned “big” supply chain price issues as a factor. Musk on Twitter, “Congratulations to the Tesla team for over 200,000 cars produced and delivered in Q2 despite many challenges!” said.


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