Most Used Emojis in Turkey Announced

Although it is discussed from time to time due to the security problems it causes, people do not get tired of using it. Facebook, explained which emojis are the most used in Turkey. The statement made by Facebook, Turkey at least laughing on social media reveals it.

Statements made by Facebook quarterly period it covers. The platform, which conducts its research on betting around the world and downloads it specifically to Turkey, is the most popular platform for users. tear of satisfaction, red heart, folded hands and smug explained that they use emoji.

The most used emojis in Turkey

According to research by Facebook who are in different age set users are using different emojis more. In this context, those aged 45 and over Generation X while using emojis that are mostly associated with love Y and Z generation uses smiley-related emojis more often.

Note: The above image has ranked the emojis according to their intensity of use.

When we look at Facebook’s research, women and men also use emoji. they broke up is showing. So much that men; they use the tears of satisfaction emoji the most. If women heart kiss

They use the emoji more.

Although we mostly use emojis related to the word laughing in Turkey, we also show interest in different emojis. for example birthday cake, candy, chocolate and cup emojis are also among the most used in Turkey. So which emojis do you use the most? You can share your ideas with us. . .


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