Mobile games from yesterday to today – the 2 -N-Gage revolution

With the end of the nineties, both computer games and mobile games, that is, the world of portable games began to change form. The introduction of three-dimensional graphics and Java-based games were the first signs of change.

Cell phone screens got longer again in this period and increased to a size of about 2 inches. Growing screens due to camera phones portable games paved the way for new possibilities. Nokia is in this new era. N-Gage games wanted to stamp again.

The N-Gage legend and a new era of portable gaming

Starting with the snake game portable game adventure became more diverse with Java based games. On the one hand, Nokia launched its first gaming phone in 2003. N-Gage entered an unknown path. Until now, a handheld console and a mobile phone were the first time ever to appear.

Nokia N-Gage unfortunately failed due to both its design and the prices of its games. The original games sold on a valuable hardware of the period, especially the SD Card, were quite valuable.


The butterfly design of also made it difficult to use. At that time, no one wanted to use such a large phone. On the contrary, in the early 2000s, phones were much more valuable to fit in a pocket.

A legend is born from N-Gage, which has turned to ashes: Asphalt

N-Gage there was a valuable portable game that entered our lives with this project despite its failure. Today’s best portable racing game Asphalt series first appeared with N-Gage. Actually Nintendo DS developed for Asphalt Urban GT was also released for the Nokia N-Gage.

Unable to achieve the desired success with N-Gage, Gameloft and Ubisoft decided to both expand into the PC market and prepare the game for different brands such as Sony Ericsson.

Asphalt, racing games was distinguished by its flying cars, fantastic maps and fun gameplay. Although the first Java-based games could not come close to the current Asphalt series, it formed the first core gameplay of the game.

In the game, you were trying to win the race with a high-speed car in the city and to get rid of the police on the other. Although Java games look like 3D in terms of graphics, they actually have a medium graphics quality, which we call 2.5D. Not that Nintendo DS developed for Asphalt Urban GT appeared with much more advanced graphic features.

Portable games has, in a sense, the graphics performance of computer games before a generation. Today, portable games have started to close this gap faster.

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