Millions of accounts were hacked due to Google’s negligence

Google commits major implied violations Android still continues the effort with its applications. Ars Technica, Dr. “Stealing Facebook login information of web analysts” trojans”, noted that Google removed nine apps from the Play Store.

Well-known apps 5. 8 million of

It had a download on and said “ Horoscope Daily“, “ Rubbish Cleaner” was easy to find and known by everyone.

Apps tricked users

apps, just JavaScript from a command and control server to ” hijack” and tricked users into loading the real Facebook login page to forward it to the app (indirectly to the command server).

For malicious applications Facebook was the goal in any case, but creators could easily point users to other internet services as well. According to the information that emerged, there were five types of lousy targeted software. However, they all used exact JavaScript code and configuration paper formats to retrieve the information.

Google, in a statement to Ars Technica, stated that it has banned all application developers from the store. However, while perpetrators will likely be able to create new developer accounts, this may not be a very deterrent. In addition, it is claimed that Google may need to scan the malicious software itself to keep attackers out.

How did the apps get so many downloads before they were taken down?

Google’s massively automated crawling, lots of crappy malicious software Play Store keeps it away. However, it is thought that the subtlety of the technique in these apps may have helped fraudulent apps bypass these defenses and make victims aware that their Facebook information has fallen into the wrong hands. Whatever the reason, it’s worth noting that you should be careful when downloading utilities from unknown developers, no matter how well-known they may appear.


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