Midday in the stock market: Most rising and falling stocks

Investing. com –  Closed the day with 1,390 points yesterday BIST 100 started the 4th process day of the week with a decrease of 0.20% from 1,397 points and continued its decline to 1,377 points in the rest of the day. After the index closed the month of June with a loss, it sees a 1.5% premium process this month, but the increases in the month could not exceed 1,400 points. In the index, 1.360 points are followed as a basis.

The low risk appetite in global markets and the 2% decline in US futures in Europe and 1% decline in US futures are also causing pressure on other indices.

Today, the most loss in the stock market, while the indices experienced multiple declines. BIST Real Estate Investment Subsidiaries, BIST Metal Works & Machinery and BIST Easy Metals is happening on the side. owner of large shares BIST Banks and BIST Industrial also declines today BIST Leasing and Factoring diverges positively.

The top five shares that have risen the most today:

  • Tureks Tourism Transport AS TUREX, with the rise yesterday and today, the share hit the highest level after April 27, the monthly return is 32%.
  • Avrasya Gayrimenkul Yatırım Ortaklığı A. Ş. AVGYO, the share that has been on the rise this week after last week is at the highest level after May 21 and the monthly return is 22%.
  • Istikrar Investment Holding A. Ş. STABILITY, the share that is on the rise today, carried its decline on a monthly basis to the 5th month.
  • Tac Tarım Eserleri Livestock Food Industry and Trade Inc. TACTR, the share that is rising today is down 9% on a weekly basis.
  • Isiklar Power and Yapi Holding A. Ş. IEYHO, the share is at a premium of close to 10% this month following its 4-month decline.

The top five shares that fell the most:

  • Sinpas Real Estate Investment Subsidiary A. Ş. SNGYO, the share that has risen last week and this week is in the middle of the most falling ones today. The loss of the share this week is close to 9%.
  • Servet Real Estate Investment Partnership A. Ş. SRVGY, stock is on the decline after its 6-day rise.
  • Katmerciler Arabaüstü Equipment Industry and Trade Inc. KATMR, the share’s loss this week is about 9%.
  • SAN-EL Mühendislik Elektrik Taahhut Sanayi ve Ticaret A. Ş. SANEL, the stock is down 6% this week after a 5-week gain.
  • Uzertaş Paint Industry Trade and Investment Inc. UZERB, this weekly loss of the share is 5%.

With the prestige of the last hour, the total transaction volume in the stock market is 9 billion.

Author: Deniz Engin

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