Microsoft: Spyware Used in Turkey Also Blocked

US-based technology giant Microsoft announced that they have blocked the use of malicious software in collaboration with the cybersecurity company Citizen Lab. According to the statements made by Microsoft, the subject of speech malicious software; was used to track politicians, academics, journalists and activists.

In the statements made by Microsoft, the spyware in question for which names is not specified. However, the company stated that this software was developed in Israel and in various countries announced that it was used for offensive purposes. So, in which countries was this malicious software used?

At least 10 countries, including Turkey, were affected by malicious software

The malicious software that Microsoft and Citizen Lab neutralized, appeared in the middle of nowhere. Turkey

It was used for offensive purposes in 10 countries, including . Microsoft announced that these countries are Israel, Palestine, United Kingdom, Yemen, Lebanon, Armenia, Singapore, Iran, Turkey and Spain. But in these countries how many people currently unknown to be affected by malicious software.

According to Microsoft, this crappy software, Amnesty International and Black Lives Matter they infiltrated the websites of the formations and became a tool for the raids. The tech giant is behind this crappy malware Candiru

He explained that there is a hacker cluster called , and this cluster, in cooperation with the government and law enforcement, develops lousy malicious software. According to Microsoft’s argument, Candiru is for this process. starting from 16 million euros offers prices. . .


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