Microsoft Brings Back Old Friend Clippy with Teams!

We had virtual assistants when there were no virtual assistants today, but of course, they were a little different than today. The ancients will know; In the first years of Microsoft Office, assistant assistants were used. In situations where you can’t get out and need help F1 One of these assistant assistants that appear out of nowhere when you press the button, of course, was not a glutton from Clippy.

your first exit Office 97

Our cute paperclip made in Clippy was later shelved with the widespread use of the internet for help calls. However, it has a different place as it is the first example that comes to mind when it comes to assistant in the Office application. Like it or not, Clippy is back. This time, however, not as an assistant assistant.

Microsoft has released new backgrounds for Teams. He works on the theme of nostalgia in a background images he has published. Microsoft has prepared different backgrounds from Windows XP meadow to Solitaire and from Paint to Clippy.

“We asked our designers to give a few unforgettable Microsoft moments as Teams background for the first time,” said Microsoft officials. “Because a little trip in memory can be good for the soul,” he said.

New Microsoft Teams art plans are available for download via the Microsoft website, along with hundreds of existing backgrounds.

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