Messi and Bale’s faces leaked, PES 22 excitement is over the top!

When it comes to football game FIFA, one of the first companies that come to mind, Konami is working hard on his well-known series PES. Last year Pass PES 21 by passing a small with update Konami, who appeared in front of the players, PES 22

(with One step ahead of their competition with FIFA aims to pass.

As will be remembered PES 22

for new game engine

Explaining that they are working on , the company said goodbye to the Fox Engine engine it has been using for many years. Unreal Engine 5

He had integrated into the game. On top of that, famous actors recently Lionel Messi

(mtag101705) and Gareth Bale

of in-game faces

when it was leaked at PES 22 excitement almost made a peak.

PES 22’s realistic graphics will enchant players

PC, PlayStation 5

(mtag101705) and Platforms like Xbox Series X

PES 22, which is expected to arrive for , Unreal Engine with game engine new generation technologies will be a game that uses it to the end. Especially those who work on the new game engine. Konami, with Unreal Engine more realistic player models

(mtag101705) and animations as well advanced physics

(mtag101705) and photorealistic visuals promises.

This is exactly where Messi

(mtag101705) and Ballet‘s leaked views how much in Konami’s new game engine that you did a good job was the official proof. of the duo face borders, hair, beards and ears, almost indistinguishable from their real faces, became the agenda of the social media in a short time.

https://twitter. com/thefootyarena/status/1416313155173629955

Expected to debut in the coming months PES 22

As the countdown has begun for , the company’s available consoles has already been a matter of curiosity. Konami

If we look at the information previously announced by , the new generation Consoles with Unreal Engine game engine available

on will not work. Therefore, existing console owners may be very upset in this process.


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