Messaging Feature Arrived at Clubhouse

At the beginning of 2021, which has become one of the most talked about social media platforms. Clubhouse, with a statement on Twitter, which has been expected for a while ” Backchannel“. This feature, which is available for iOS and Android ecosystems, allows users to interact with each other. direct message allows them to send.

Clubhouse’s feature called Backchannel, one-to-one or cluster chatssupported. In this way, both the channel managers will come and chat and the users will have the opportunity to chat with the message, just like in other social networks. But for now, this feature some to the shortcomingshas .

Backchannel does not support sending photos and images

Backchannel, Clubhouse’s service that allows direct communication, is currently only relationship with the papersupported. It is currently not possible to send photos, images or audio recordings. However, the scope of the feature is expected to expand. So in the near future, via Backchannel photo and it may be possible to post images.

In this middle, users who want to chat via Clubhouse, just like on Instagram requests about part they will encounter some. This section will contain notifications from other users that the user has not contacted. incoming request accepteda user will now see this notification in the main notification folder.

Clubhouse’s new feature looks like this


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