LiDAR sensor confirmed for iPhone 13

Upcoming release iPhone 13

A new news has emerged for . According to the news, the phone LiDAR will be output with a sensor.

A Twitter user, upcoming iPhone 13 shared an important news about the series. Although the news does not contain new information, it is basically LiDARwith sensor iPhone 13 confirmed the reports shared in the past.

iPhone 13 will definitely get LiDAR support in models

shared tweet It was stated that the LiDAR feature will only come to Pro iPhone models. It was also mentioned earlier this year that Apple wanted to bring LiDAR to all iPhone 12 and 13 S models, but for some reason it won’t be this year.

Shared tweet 13 Pro and 13 Pro revealed that the Max will have an additional sensor on the back. It is useful to dwell on the possibility that such deficits are real. Because certain claims about Apple products in the past turned out to be true.

First in 2020 iPhone iPadLiDAR scanner introduced with Pro later iPhone 12

(mtag101705) and 12 Pro Max

It came to . The technology in question calculates the gap in the middle of the sensor and the object, as in the time-of-flight measurement systems, so that the camera can measure the gap precisely. The company has also applied this technology primarily to improve the AR experience, and has also applied it to the night mode to enhance the landscape results.


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