Japan Wants To Revive The Chip Industry

Chip crush that continues today; It has influenced work in every field, from LCD panels to screen cards, game consoles, televisions, and even cars. For consumers, this situation causes chaos in sales stores as it brings stock issues. Countries, on the other hand, started to give financial support to semiconductor manufacturers and contributed to the analysis of the problems in the world of technology. At this point Japan, to catch up with other countries in chip manufacturing aims to make some breakthroughs.

Japan in terms of number of chip factories Advanced position from all countries in the world, although the semiconductor division in the country to the verge of disintegration arrived. Assuming that the effect of this has increased with the pandemic, it is a rule that the country should take urgent measures. Japan’s share in global semiconductor sales in the past From 50 percent in 1988 to 10 percent today easily summarizes the decrease experienced. In a recent statement, the administration said that the regulations needed to get the chip industry back on its feet in a priority state was stated to be done.

As we mentioned at the beginning, there are many chip factories in Japan. 84 factories is the main reason for having problems in production using very old equipment. Because of this, even the center with the most advanced equipment in the middle of the factories can produce chips with 10nm process technology. As a matter of fact, it is very difficult to compete with other countries, at least in this situation. In addition, Chinese companies, In the name of reducing the impact of the US embargoes also bought many of the old factories here. The only exception in terms of sophistication amid chipmakers in Japan, known for its camera sensors and USB sticks Sony and Kioxia companies should also be noted.

Although Japan’s goal is said to be to increase semiconductor production, the country’s other plan is more ” national security“. Specifically, companies like TSMC want to create attractive environments for building local facilities, research and development centres. The definite aim of the companies is to chart an independent path and infuse its infrastructure with future technologies. This too to mid-country conflicts may cause.

So what does Japan need to do to achieve this goal? Former leader of Tokyo Electron and known as a veteran of the silicon industry Tetsuro Higashi

According to , it is necessary for the country to activate this production branch. it is valuable to allocate at least one trillion yen (about 9 billion dollars) of resources at first. Besides tax reductions also needs to be done. We will always see the breakthroughs that Japan will make in the future. Do not forget to indicate your thoughts on the subject in the comments.

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