It Is Alleged That Information Of 20 Million Akbank Customers Is For Sale On The DarkWeb

All systems of Akbank, one of Turkey’s leading banks, were closed for about 2 days due to an issue. While this long periodical access problem went down in history,

(mtag101702) “Has Akbank been hacked?” also raised the question. In fact, the world-famous hacker group Anonymous stated that they did not attack Akbank, but that they knew that they had been hacked many times. After these statements of the hacker cluster, Akbank denied the cyber attack arguments and said that Anonymous’s arguments did not reflect the truth.

While all these events are still fresh, another thesis that fell on the agenda as a bomb a short time ago was put forward. According to the issue brought up by a Twitter page called ThreatMonIT, 20 million We have stated that Akbank customer’s information is available for sale on the Darkweb. we see.

As you can quickly see from the above post, it is mentioned that the information of the users such as Name, Surname, Date of Birth, E-Mail, Open Address, Identity and Phone Number are offered for sale on the Darkweb.

While theses continue to be discussed about the customers’ data being offered for sale on the internet, a valuable explanation a short time ago has been published.

The company stating that the arguments circulating in the social media do not reflect reality flatly refuted the arguments. The company’s statement on the subject is as follows:

“The arguments that our bank has access to customer information in some social media accounts do not reflect the truth at all. The personal information of our customers is in faith, as always. We reserve the right to take all legal action against the sharing of words. ”

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