Israeli Spyware Sold to Governments of Countries

In one of our content we shared with you last week, Microsoft’s one used in Turkey. crappy targeted software because it disables we mentioned. While the consumers could not get rid of the effect of this event, an example event took place. According to a study, malicious software developed by Israeli technology company NSO Group Pegasus

It has been argued that is used by the governments of at least 10 countries.

Pegasus is a well-known malicious software. This software, which can access parts of phones such as call recording, microphone, camera, voice recordings, contacts and gallery without the knowledge of the users, following every step of the goal provides. Here is the research; that some governments use this software to track politicians, lawyers, journalists and activists, NSO Group says it’s a client.

According to the research, around 500 phone numbers from Turkey were tracked through Pegasus

The striking research on NSO Group was done by 17 companies. At the head of these companies The Guardian was located. In addition, the world’s leading media organizations were among the stakeholders of this research. Well, according to this research which governments used the lousy software of the Israeli technology company, causing more than 50,000 followers to follow?

According to the statements made by The Guardian United Arab Emirates, Bahrain, Morocco, Mexico, Hungary, Saudi Arabia, the governments of at least 10 countries, mainly India, Rwanda and Kazakhstan, used the lousy software Pegasus for their own purposes. The Guardian; from clergy to prime ministers that many people are on the following list, that they will publish a list in the coming days and that users who have become Pegasus’ purpose in this list credentials will be disclosed announced.

This is in the middle, according to the statements made by The Guardian, from Turkey. around 500 phone number has fallen victim to Pegasus. It is not known who all of them are, but according to the information obtained, Hatice Cengiz, the fiancee of Cemal Kaşıkçı, İrfan Fidan and Vice PresidentYasin Aktay is in the middle of the names followed through Pegasus.


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