Is Your Internet Speed ​​Sufficient to Play Videos? Measure with Speedtest!

When it comes to measuring internet speed, one of the first applications that comes to mind is undoubtedly Speedtest. The speed measurement service can reveal not only your face, but also the ping cost, your network operator, IP address and even position information in seconds. And now Speedtest, your internet face capacity for image streaming also offers the possibility to control.

4.6.1 version of the Speedtest app also allows you to learn which image resolution your phone or tablet can play without any problem without taking the middle memory. New in the app ” Image” tab plays several images at various resolutions and bitrates to determine what is the highest image resolution you can watch without buffering.

In fact, once you know your internet face, you can roughly guess at what quality you can watch the images without any problems. However, there is no doubt that the new Image option makes this job easier and can give more precise results.

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