Is There Any Altcoin That Can Rise Against Bitcoin? Let’s Check Out XRP, DOGE, ADA and YFII!

The bulls in the cryptocurrency markets could not continue to rise and almost all of the top 10 cryptocurrencies returned to the green zone. The least loser of the list is 0%. It became Binance Coin with 02. In this case, it prompted investors to look for altcoin projects that could strengthen against the leading crypto BTC. We’re reviewing current benchmarks of XRP, DOGE, ADA, and YFII.

Bitcoin failed to exceed $32,000

Bitcoin (BTC) is 2% since yesterday. 14, while the price change over the past week is -4%. He found 76. After a short tryout of $32,000 in the last 24 hours, he couldn’t keep up. According to analyst Serhiichuk, if the daily candle closes below this vital level, there is a chance to see a continued decline to the mainstay around $30,000. Bitcoin is trading at $31.325.87 at the time of writing.

XRP is one of those who managed to hold on amid altcoin projects

With the shrinkage of the sales volume, XRP, which recorded the lowest level of the month on the evening of July 15, fell to $ 0.586. Subsequently, although the price retested $0.60 with incoming low volume purchases, it failed to stay above the zone. Volatility performed the EMA55 test. However, it could not rise above the average price level. After the pullback, the recovery may continue above the “POC” line ($0.624), the price spent the most. At the time of writing, XRP is trading at $0.5909, well below this level.

Altcoin YFII approaches critical resistance level

YFII, which is in the 282nd place of the market, is trading at $2,345 at the time of writing and has managed to rise up to 10% in the last 24. Due to the low trading volume, buyers can easily control the price. The $2,500 resistance tested during the day can be broken together with second-wave buyers, according to the analyst. Therefore, YFII needs to be followed closely in the coming days.

Attention to this level in DOGE

Things go a little differently at Dogecoin. Cryptocoin. com

As we have previously reported as , memecoin is 7% in the last 24. It fell 77 percent to become the top losing altcoin among the top 10 cryptos. With low trading volume, the price broke $0.20. In this context, analysts stress attention to the $0.1650 foothold. DOGE, which is currently trading at $0.1766, is BTC’s weakest competitor.

Cardano managed to recover

Competing with DOGE during the day, ADA managed to recover in the last hours. Currently, 3%. It sees the process at $ 1.18 with a shrinkage of 90. If ADA fails to hold above $1.40, it could decline to $1.10 reinforcements, according to the analyst. If the $1 reinforcement is also broken, ADA’s next stronghold will be the $0.98 reinforcement.

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