iPhone 14 Series Will Have 120 Hz LTPO OLED Panels

When the iPhone 13 series was launched, the refresh rate of the screens was set to 60 Hz. However, this situation is different in the iPhone 13 Pro model. The iPhone 13 Pro model will have 120 Hz LTPO OLED panels. The reason why Apple uses 120 Hz LTPO OLED panels only on the iPhone 13 Pro is that only Samsung produces the panels and Samsung does not have enough production capacity. Now, with the new generation iPhone 14 series, this situation seems to change.

LG is one of the companies that want to supply LTPO OLED panels to Apple. The company plans to start producing the required panels next year. Thus, the produced panel size and the production speed of the panels will increase. According to the news in The Elec, LG will first supply LTPO OLED panels for the iPhone 14 series. To do this, the company is currently in talks with Avaco, which supplies LTPO panel fabrication equipment. Apple’s approval is also awaited for LG to start production.

Avaco may begin shipping equipment to LG’s manufacturing facilities after Apple obtains the necessary approvals. Once Avaco starts shipping the equipment, if everything goes as planned, LG will start to supply LTPO OLED panels for all iPhone 14 models, contrary to the strategy in the iPhone 13. In fact, the company may start to supply LTPO panels for the iPhone Pro series supplied by Samsung. This means that Apple further diversifies its panel supply and reduces its dependence on Samsung.

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