iPhone 13 May Come With Always-On Feature

Apple seems to aim to increase the success it had with the iPhone 12 last year with the iPhone 13. Every day, new ones are added to the theses about the features that will come with the iPhone 13 family. However, a feature whose future has just been claimed, Apple seems to divide its fans into two.

According to the argument, iPhone 13, Always on Display(Always On Display) will come with a panel.So even when the lock is off, the clock and notifications will appear on the phone screen. According to the one-to-one argument, the battery sizes will also be changed to meet the power consumed by this feature.

iPhone 13s will have an always-on display

Bloomberg’s Mark Gurman recently made a different argument about this year’s iPhones. In the past days, it has been claimed that the battery capacity will increase. This is actually something iPhone users have wanted for a long time. Even the new battery capacity was disliked by some. Then, besides the battery capacity, Gurman argued that the battery size will also change. This was due to a change to the interface of new devices.

Mark Gurman said the iPhone 13 will have an “always-on” indicator that stays on even when the screen is locked. According to the thesis, Apple will base this feature on the interface of Apple Watches. On the new Apple Watches, this always-on display was available with different levels of brightness and refresh rate. Thus, users can see notifications and time whenever they wear the device. Same with 2021 iPhones time, date, notifications and other notifications can be controlled.

This possible feature is again relative to the thesis. OLED LTPO will be provided with screens. The operation of the always-on indicator will not take a large share of the power of the phone thanks to these screens. The always-on display, which runs at an absolute brightness, won’t be a charging beast. However, there will be an increase in battery sizes in order to meet this feature and not to reject the demand that has been coming for years. Again, according to an earlier argument, these screens are It will have ProMotion technology and a 120 Hz refresh rate.


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