Intel Stops Production of Lakefield Processors

Intel has announced that Lakefield, 10th Gen Comet Lake-U and Ice Lake-U series low-power processors have their days left. These chips will no longer be produced and their final shipment April 2022 will be held on. You can see which equipment is discontinued from the list below.

Discontinued Processors
Intel Core i5 L16G7 (Lakefield)
Intel Core i3 L13G4 (Lakefield)
Intel Core i7 10710U
Intel Core i5 10210U
Intel Core i7 10510U
Intel Core i3 10110U
Intel Core i7 10810U
Intel Core i5 10310U
Intel Core i7 10610U
Intel Core i5 1035G1
Intel Core i7 1065G7
Intel Core i3 1005G1
Intel Core i5 1035G7
Intel Core i5 1035G4
Intel Pentium 6805
Intel Celeron 5205U
Intel Celeron 5805

The Lakefield series was not expected to be released so early. Because this processor family, Announced in the second quarter of 2020 and it hasn’t been long since it came out. Also, Intel’s 10nm Tremont

Lakefield processors based on the architecture, Has a hybrid structure using Forevos technology. Their design was very similar to the logic of mobile phone chips, and was offered to users with four power efficiency and one high performance core. Obviously Lakefield performed well, but using Forevos technology since very few works have been released we can say that the series was finished early. Do not forget to indicate your thoughts on the subject in the comments.

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