Intel Increases Processor Market Share in June

Valve has released the Steam Hardware Survey results for the month of June. The published survey results, as always, manage to be a very sufficient indicator of the gaming market and market trends. The survey also talks about the good performance of companies that provide hardware to users.

On the CPU front, there are always two companies fighting for market dominance. These companies are known as Intel and AMD. More than a month ago, AMD made significant progress in taking the leadership position in the market share from Intel, with the influence of the latest Ryzen 5000 series processors. As a result of the survey dated May 2021, the company was making progress in closing the gap with a market share of 30.13%. Today, however, the situation seems to have changed and Intel is regaining lost market share.

The results of the June 2021 survey indicate that Intel again has a 71.58% market share. This means that AMD has returned to 28.41%. Thus, Intel also erases all the gains AMD has made in the last few months. In addition, we can state that the existence of these fluctuations in the market share makes it difficult to reach definite judgments in analyzing how the two rival companies are performing and determining in which direction the market is moving. In the current situation, we can see that AMD has lagged behind with its sufficient processor production capabilities, while Intel has filled the gap with a more aggressive pricing strategy.

Finally, let’s say that we have to wait for more surveys and more reports to come out for the details of this rivalry between Intel and AMD.

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