Intel buys AMD’s company

Chip manufacturers Intel and AMD holds most of the stake in the branch. According to the reports, Intel owns the foundry company that AMD founded more than ten years ago. 30 billion dollars is making attempts to buy it in return. In this way, the company can put a stop to the hassle of production.

in 2008 Intel and AMD followed two different paths in chip manufacturing. AMD continues its semiconductor business as Intel continues to manufacture its own chips to maintain full control. GlobalFoundries to his companies. Wall Street Journal

According to the news of , Intel is now using AMD’s factories. $30 billion wants to add to its structure.

Intel aims to turn the tide

GlobalFoundres denied that he was in talks with Intel. Not that WSJ

(mtag101705) mentioned that it would be possible for Intel to hold talks with the investment firm that owns the company.

In the midst of Intel’s reasons for wanting the company, it is estimated that it accelerated its casting business. Intel’s new CEO Pat Gelsinger announced that the distressed company would not act alone to turn the tide, that it would outsource more of its chip production to third-party companies, and that it agreed to manufacture more chips for other companies using its own technology.

The facility, which is stated as the 4th largest foundry in the world, has the capacity to generate 7% of the company’s revenue in terms of revenue. This may be the beginning for Intel to act on the same basis with giant companies such as Samsung and TSMC.


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