Instagram crashed? Posting and story sharing is restricted!

Instagram, which has more than 1 billion monthly active users, has crashed since 1:00 am. Android and iOS users from their smartphones Instagram story, photo, post is not shared they had to grapple with their issues. “Why did Instagram crash? Why won’t it open?” It is assumed that the reason for this mysterious situation, which brings questions to mind, is due to the server.

Incoming reports mostly pointed out that the mistake was experienced in Instagram portable applications. While the social media is awash with such reports; Is Instagram crashed? And what should we do in such cases?

We answered the question .

Is Instagram crashed? Well why?

trouble for Android users Instagram has not received an official statement from the company officials now. When we look at the instant report notification platform Downdetector, users Sharing photos on Instagram Android app and story upload we see that they have a flaw in their properties. However, the problem did not show itself in Turkey now. It turned out that it was loaded in the United States and its vicinity.

Unable to access Instagram there is no single and concrete reason for the problem. Its developers are currently doing maintenance work on the servers, which can cause the system to shut down indefinitely. Or, a human-induced defect has occurred in one of the systems controlling the servers. In such cases, the Instagram servers crash and the stream could not be refreshed.

Instagram, which has more than 1 billion monthly active users, is ultimately a user structure. In other words, it is developed and designed by people who can be mistaken like all of us. Sometimes even we users have no effect Instagram crashed problems may occur. collapse here; It means that the infrastructure that enables a system to communicate with a phone or computer in the middle of the server stops working.

Is there an Instagram error analysis?

Unfortunately, users do not have a definite formula to solve the error that Instagram posts and photos are not uploaded. However, according to the shares on social media, to delete app cache and data completely is able to eliminate the problem. But remember that since the origin of the problem is from the server, there is nothing we can do until the developers fix it.

If you want to clear the data again, it is enough to follow the steps below:

  1. Open Settings on your phone.
  2. Reach the section with all installed applications.
  3. Find Instagram from the list.
  4. Following Clear Cache

    (mtag101705) and Clear infobuttons.

If the problem is still not resolved after this process, you will have to wait for the explanation and corrections from Instagram. Otherwise, there is not much we can do.


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