Hyundai’s sporty model Elantra N is introduced!

In recent years motorsports, who has made a name for himself with his success in Hyundai N Department, Elantra N introduced the model. The vehicle, which looks quite different from the standard Elantra, managed to attract the attention of car lovers. Elantra N, which will be the flagship of the family, looks like a very sporty car with its power unit and interior and exterior appearance.

Hyundai’s performance models began to appear on the face of the day one by one. The company, which mainly produces family cars, plans to enter the sports car market with its N Department. The department, which previously produced models such as the i20 N and i30 N, has this time taken care of the family sedan, the Elantra.

A special car from start to finish!

Elantra N’s four-cylinder turbocharged engine‘s performance costs are not to be underestimated. 276 hp

(mtag101705) and 392 Nm torque, the vehicle makes the driver feel that there is always power in the gas pedal. 2 liters in the development of the power unit, Hyundai’s rally experiences were also used. 0 to 100 speed up 5. 3 seconds take-off support system in the completed car (Launch Control)

It is located at .

In the beginning 8 forward DCT was announced with the gearbox, and it is rumored that the car will come with an optional manual gearbox. Now Hyundai has not made an official statement for the manual transmission. However, the manual gear knob detail seen in one of the shared press images confirms these claims. But it would be wrong to talk without brand verification. But Elantra N

It is certain that will increase the driving pleasure to the next level with manual transmission.

Elantra N uses all kinds of driving technologies in a generous form. Some of the systems developed specifically for the vehicle are as follows:

  • ELSD (Electronic Finite Shift Differential): This system; effectively distributes the torque between the inner and outer wheels when cornering. This allows for faster cornering exits while increasing dynamic performance. Minimizes understeer by optimizing vehicle slip and load transfer.
  • ECS Gen. 2 (Electronic Control Suspension): This system; adjusts optimum suspension stiffness by calculating speed, driver input and road condition. It provides smoother handling and handling performance compared to driving modes. The 2nd generation ECS automatically adjusts to any conditions, from strong track conditions to going on a family trip. This is the system that allows for the widest range of suspension adjustments Hyundai has ever produced.
  • R-MDPS ( Torque Feedback): Torque feedback system maintains steering consistency in all driving conditions. Sensitivity is increased and a more precise steering experience is provided.
  • Linear Variable Exhaust Valve System: N exhaust sound is optimized by adding variable valve adjustment from 0 to 100. The exhaust, which is quite tame when idling in normal mode, together with the valve that opens completely in N mode, offers a sportier experience.

Looks like it’s straight out of racing games

Another feature that distinguishes the Elantra N from its competitors is to change the pressure for twenty seconds via a special mode. extra ten hp provides. This innovation, which is similar to the real-life counterpart of Need for Speed, really took the car community by surprise.

The inside of the car looks just as different as the outside. Front two seats racing type

Engineers considering performance usage by choosing comfort in the back seat they preferred. In this way, those sitting in the back seat will be able to travel more comfortably in daily and long road use.

Driving pleasure has increased with some structural improvements made on the inside of the vehicle. For example, be in the middle of the trunk and rear seat h-shaped bar body stiffness of the vehicle 29 percent has increased. Downforce with the added rear wing 125 percent

The bond between the asphalt and the middle of the car that increases is quite strong.

Separately in the vehicle N Sound Equalizer system amplifies dynamic driving sound via internal speakers. Choosing between three different driving modes, drivers can customize the tone of the vehicle with their levels.

00Model will take its place in dealers in 2022

Hyundai plans to have the 2022 model Elantra N reach US dealers by early next year at the latest. The brand price list has not shared now. However, the list price of the vehicle is approx. 35 thousand dollars in the middle of the sensations to start from.

Other cars of the company N department are not now available for sale in Turkey. For this reason, we will not be able to see Elantra N in our country in the near future.

Well, how do you find the sporty models of Hyundai? If these cars, which we do not see much in our country, will be of interest if they go on sale? Finally, you can watch the promotional image of the vehicle below. Your thoughts in the comments section and SDN Forum

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