“How retarded are you?” Answers to the Question

Social media is an endless, endless debate that erupts every day. a huge ocean

It became . Using different platforms, people talk about what they think about a bet by participating in the discussions that broke out on these platforms. Now to you, the Twitter world he’s been talking for the past few dayswe will talk about a problem.

The person who opened the discussion on the subject of speech ” liquor

A social media user named “. The user, who shared a post recently, told his followers ” How retarded are you?” he asked. Ordinarily, if you said this to someone, you’d probably get a pretty harsh reaction. fun replies they gave. Now we will talk about the laugh-guaranteed shares that come to this tweet.

How retarded are you?

Webtekno employees “How retarded are you?” their answers to the question. . .


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