How much space Microsoft Flight Simulator will occupy on Xbox has been revealed

Last month Microsoft Flight Simulator Xbox Series X|S was announced to come. In fact, the developer team rewrote the game engine to make the game suitable for Xbox and optimized the performance. This development process is Xbox, just as the features will come for PC with the release of Flight Simulator.

Microsoft Flight Simulator is just over 90GB in size on Xbox

Paperwork size of the game, Twitter user Idle Sloth

Uncovered by . sloth, Xbox Store page “ Manage with Game Pass

When you select “Flight Simulator

Encountered the install size of . Microsoft Flight Simulator on Xbox Series X|S 97. 2GB will take up one space. Also, this document size is for the standard version of the game. Other versions will require more storage space and the document size will increase with each update. The developer team rewrote the game engine and improved the game frequently, which reduced the paperwork size a bit. The game was previously on PC. 100GB and this could cause problems for some players.

The developer group can make frequent visual revisions on countries. Developer Asobo, the latest Japan, USA, France, Benelux, United Kingdom and made visual revisions for countries such as Ireland. Microsoft Flight Simulator, July 27

Coming to Xbox Series X|S and Game Pass at .

In addition, Flight Simulator this year November 19

For Xbox Series X|S and PC at Top Gun expansion pack will get it. Paramount Pictures‘s upcoming Top Gun: Maverick addon promises to give players a first-hand experience of what it’s like to be a pilot in the US Navy.


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