How did ounces, grams of gold and oil spend the week?

Investing. com – Despite the increase in the expectation that the global inflation will be discontinuous, the worry that the growth rate will also decrease has caused sales in the indices this week. Yesterday, Europe fell by 2% and the USA by 1%, while commodity prices also decreased. Brent oil UAE-S. While the Saudi Arabian conflict and the expectation that the increase in daily production will not change in August, it fell from the peak of 2.5 years, while gold fell from $ 1,819 an ounce.

Brent oil approached $78 on Tuesday and after seeing the top after October 2018, it fell to $72.62 on Wednesday and $72.10 yesterday. The price, which showed a recovery in the continuation of the day yesterday, is seeing the process above 74. 50 dollars today. The annual return of brent oil, which decreased by 2% on a weekly basis, is 44%.

Ounce gold

On the side, this month’s recovery is 1.6% after the worst last June. The price, which is on the positive side, albeit limited, on a weekly basis, above $ 1,766, levels of $ 1,820 and $ 1,858 are watched as resistance. The price, which returned from the resistance of $ 1, 820 yesterday, has the effect of global growth concerns and sales in the stock markets. In spite of the weak information US Dollar Index

The fact that does not regress too much also suppresses gold.


On the side, the resistance of 508 TL was tested with the effect of ounce during the week, but the price decreased to 500 TL again with the effect of ounce. Dollar rate The exchange rate effect is low due to the process in the range of 8.70-8.60. Gram’s profit this week is also below 1% with the prestige of the last hour.

Author: Deniz Engin

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