Helicopter Coming to Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020

US-based technology giant Microsoft was one of the world’s most popular simulation games last year. Microsoft Flight Simulator

He had released the newest version of . Contrary to previous versions, the simulation game, which has a much more advanced structure, impressed with its realism of both the world and flight experience. Now, there has been an original development with this game. This development helicopter enthusiasts the type that will make you proud.

The developer company of Microsoft Flight Simulator Asobo Studio shared the most popular requests from users in a post he made. This post included what the players wanted and when the developer group would fulfill these demands. When we look closely at the sharing, we see that the players most want to see helicopters in this game, and the developer group is planning to fulfill this request. According to the sharing, the helicopters are in Microsoft Flight Simulator. in 2022 will be added.

What’s new to Microsoft Flight Simulator

In the post made by the developer team, apart from the helicopters DirectX 12, a third-party weather system reliance, we see a number of things to manage across multiple screens. In order to fulfill these requests in order, the company will work with full power refers to.

In the middle, as a matter of fact, the features requested by the players are already in Microsoft Flight Simulator. mod

as can be added. Even helicopters can be played as a mod. However, the work of the developer group will be based on the mod. performance drops will reduce it. In addition, with this kind of work, the players will experience realistic experience, will be much more convenient.


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