Has Audacity Become Spyware?

After acquisition by a new company Audacity in the politics of implied

With an update to , there have been concerns that the well-known and open-source audio editor could be used to collect a lot of user data. In fact, users have even started making a spyware approximation for Audacity.

Audacity was acquired earlier this year by a company called Muse Group, which owns various music and audio software such as Ultimate Guitar, MuseScore and Tonebridge. When the acquisition was announced, it was promised that the software would remain free and open source. However, some sections of the community believe that the new policy of secrecy is against the ideologies and aspirations of the open source movement.

According to the new privacy policy, Audacity will collect information such as the operating system version, processor and error codes, as well as information such as the user’s position. Compared to politics, this information is necessary to develop analytical goals and practice, but it raises the question of why position data is needed. Politics continues by stating that Audacity will collect necessary data for law enforcement, lawsuits and requests from authorities. Again, no details are given about what kind of information this element might cover. There is speculation that this could also be used by the company to justify a user privacy violation.

Contributors for Audacity have even begun work on both GitHub and Reddit platforms, with developers leaving to develop a new audio editor using Audacity code as the backbone.

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