Hackers Hacked Apex Legends For Message

If you currently on PC platform If you log into Apex Legends, instead of the default screen ” savetitanfall. com” you will see a small window showing a link. The reason for this is that you are tired of cheaters in the game. Titanfall players.

Developed by Titanfall Respawn, another game of the company, Apex Legends, was hacked by Titanfall players. Titanfall fans, tired of cheaters, made this public in Apex Legends because the developers did not listen to them. by publishing their papers announced.

“We need to talk Respawn”

When you enter the site in the link that appears when you enter Apex Legends, you see the reproaches of the players in the message:

Titanfall is a series loved by many players and cheaters in the game are increasing day by day. The Titanfall community has been complaining to Respawn about this for over 3 years, but with no response. Today the game is still sold but not playable. Now is the time to speak.

At the moment, Titanfall 1 is completely unplayable on PC, the game is full of cheats. This issue has been going on for years and Respawn continues to act like it doesn’t know about it.. ”

Now from developer Respawn not explained. This popup in Apex Legends is also not fixed now.


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