Hackers Attack on Gaming-Themed Sites

Video games were an activity that people used to distract themselves before the pandemic, but with the arrival of the pandemic, individuals who were locked in housing started to turn to video games more. When this attracts the attention of many people who do not have good intentions, it is caused by video games. cyber crimes

The number of has increased quite a bit.

The viruses used by these malicious people are generally; free versions of games, updates, add-ons, and sometimes cheat programs. Similar to Kaspersky Minecraft

We shared with you last week that warned its players. Now Kaspersky is calling out to all gamers.

Password managers provide two-step verification and antivirus defense

In the research shared by Kaspersky last year, max used game Minecraft

It appeared as . The game, which now has a very valuable share, Counter Strike: Global Offensive seems to have left it behind.

Viruses infecting the computer, as we mentioned above, free versions or free contents

They show themselves as . Players these even by accident

When they download , viruses infect the computer and the computer from which the document is downloaded is at the mercy of the malicious person on the other side.

Responsible for Kaspersky’s worldwide research Maria Namestnikova, currently approx. 3 billion says he’s a player. In addition, stating that the games are a sufficient way to distract, Maria states that the players attract the attention of cyber attackers because they are so crowded.

Kaspersky, for you to play with confidence a trusted password manager recommends using two-step verification and a secure antivirus program. In addition, it says that you should only buy games from official stores and not click on links in text chats.


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