GTA 5 vs GTA 4! Which game is better?

Rockstar Games

We are together with two big games produced by . With its huge open world on one side GTA 5 with its dark and deep story on the other side. GTA 4 exists. There are points where both productions are sufficient compared to themselves. We made a list of these points and compared them with each other. Let’s see which game is better?

GTA 5 or better GTA 4?

Graph (GTA 5)

GTA 5 seven years ago PlayStation 3

(mtag101705) and Xbox 360, it will get a graphics refresh on next-gen consoles next year. Although years have passed since the release of the game, some of the images seen in the production are quite impressive. Players with enhanced version Los Santos, PlayStation 5

(mtag101705) and Xbox Series X will experience how it will look.

Singleplayer DLC (GTA 4)

Grand Theft Auto 4 randomly crashes into multiplayer mode. DLC did not receive the package. However, the single-player version has received two major expansions so far. The first ‘ The Lost Damned‘. He bets on the story of a ruthless biker gang.

Second Ballad of Gay Tony. Here are the players Luis Lopez and its business partners are struggling to save it from destruction. Two DLC

It gives a nice performance on its own at . But the main character Nico Bellic

The connection with the parable of takes them to the next level.

GTA Online (GTA 5)

Of course in the online mode Grand Theft Auto 5, GTA 4

It promises more content and fun than . GTA 4’s online multiplayer mode is pretty fun. Not that GTA Online even by itself completely overshadows the parable mode. GTA Online initially had an unlucky start. Later Rockstar Games turned it into one of the most recognizable multiplayer modes of the generation. Unfortunately GTA 6

This seems to be one of the big reasons why is still not out.

Main character (GTA 4)


Although the script in is very neat GTA 4

The story of connects the players much more. Franklin, Michael

(mtag101705) and Trevor very well thought out characters but Nico Bellic on a much different level. His background and personality make him one of the most unique playable characters in the series.

Map size and variety (GTA 5)

The fourth game of the series suffocates the players with a dark city atmosphere. But GTA 5 excelled in this bet, giving fans both a huge city and a pleasant nature. The map scale also contributes significantly to mission design and side missions. More map variety means more game variety. Size isn’t everything, but GTA 5 makes every inch of land mass different, increasing the dose of revel.

Story (GTA 4)

GTA 4 has a more compelling plot and the game setting is quite unique. However, this remains a somewhat subjective point. Because many fans Franklin, Michael

(mtag101705) and Trevor may find the story more interesting. GTA 5

The subject of is classic Grand Theft Auto is more like the story of the games. GTA 4 is a little different from them at this point. The dark tone and open world are a bit counterintuitive to the series. It still makes the gameplay experience brighter.

You GTA 5

(mtag101705) and GTA 4

What do you think about ? In which subjects do you think proper manufacturing is ahead?


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