Green light to the new generation cooling system from Samsung!



Samsung, S21 is a technology that the series does not have and is planned to be released in 2022. Galaxy S22 family plans to bring the vapor chamber cooling system to their smartphones again. empowered 5G technology and developing SoC (Chipset) technologies, which will be released after the new phones will need a strong cooling.

Innovative cooling technology may come again

Samsung has previously Galaxy S10 Plus used the vapor chamber cooling system in some of the summit models. But after the S10 Plus, a random Samsung flagship model, this cooling system was not seen again. Galaxy S20

(mtag101705) and Note 20 devices also confirm that they do not have this technology. Galaxy S20 and S21 along with the family, the steam room cooling system has completely disappeared.

What is the Steam Room system?

The vapor chamber is an innovative cooling solution that improves heat dissipation in performance laptops, PCs and smartphones. These cooling systems are to a lesser extent in liquid flat, vacuum sealed metal consists of a box. When this liquid is heated gas transform, cool down, getting heavier and via a secondary channel to heat source returns. As a result, this cooling system, combined with the larger surface area of ​​the room, metal stack or a smaller heatpipe allows it to disperse more rapidly.

This cooling technology Samsung we will be able to see various benefits on devices. Thanks to the cooler, smartphones will work more efficiently in terms of battery consumption. As the temperature rises, the power consumption also increases.

Lower temperatures also mean that the processor and other components can be operated at full capacity and efficiency for a longer period of time. This is a valuable detail for the efficient implementation of various activities that require play and power. In addition, 2022

which will be released in Samsung Galaxy S22

We will probably be able to see these steam rooms again in the family.

Steam rooms come with a new engineering may also require. Because the cooling device takes up more space in the chassis, a new internal hardware design and a different chassis ratio are required. There is also the possibility of seeing larger devices, as it will be easier to place in a larger case.

We may not see this technology in any Samsung phone that will be released later this year, but given this advancing technology, Galaxy S22 family and 2022, it will be possible to see the vapor chamber cooling system in the summit devices that will be released in year.


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