Good news from Samsung for Galaxy Tab A 10.1 owners!

Samsung to devices that support it since December 2020 Android 11 has started to offer the update. Multiple devices of the company received the expected Android update. One of the remaining finite devices Galaxy Tab A 10. 1 (2019) was one of the last models to receive the update.

Samsung, Galaxy Tab A announced 10.1 in February 2019 with One UI based on Android 9.0 (Pie). The tablet was updated to One UI 2. X based on Android 10 last year. The device has recently started to receive the Android 11 update with One UI 3. X interface. SamMobile

According to , the latest system update for Tab A 10.1 is live in many regions in Asia, Europe and South America.

Samsung Galaxy Tab A 10. 1 started receiving Android 11 update!

The update adds new abilities to the artifact. OTA releases the software Samsung will distribute the update to the tablet over the air. Therefore, all users Android will not be able to access the new version at the same time. However, in the coming days, users around the world will also have the service.

Unfortunately Tab A 10. 1 is not a high performance device. Therefore, the tablet is not expected to receive another Android update. In addition, it draws attention that the tablet is not suitable for a four-year security update.

Samsung Galaxy Tab A 10. 1 users will have to settle for standard security updates. Just in time, post-update security patch level June 2021

It will be upgraded to .

So what do you think about this bet? What do you think Samsung

Will continue to give Android updates to its affordable artifacts? Do not forget to share your views with us in the comments section.


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