Good news for Warframe players

Developed for a long time Warframe attracts many players around the world. Although the development process of Warframe was a bit painful, it is still played thanks to the interest of the players. In addition, P2W, one of the few games, you can win by playing the equipment in the game. every year for Warframe TennoCon

An event called is held and the developer group explains what innovations await us in the coming time. The best thing about TennoCons is the new Warframe

It could be the announcement of ‘s (Warframes are the armor worn by Tenno in the game). Each Warframe has its own unique features and players get very excited about it.

Warframe is assumed to be cross-platform by the end of this year

TennoCon 2021

Developer at Digital Extremes, Warframe

announced that it will bring cross-platform support for . Along with the cross-platform support, there will also be a cross-registration reinforcement for Warframe. In this way, no matter what platform you play on, the progress will remain as it is. It’s a really good feature for gamers with multiple platforms. warframe, Nintendo Switch, PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox Series X|S and consoles such as Xbox One.

Digital Extremes’s business manager Sheldon Carter said during the livestream, “The community is incredibly valuable to us. “Bringing crossplay and crosssave is just one of many efforts we’ll be making to bring more players to the middle, including expanding Warframe’s fast, fluid, action and combat experience to other global gaming platforms.” It is not clear exactly when the cross-platform supplement will be released. According to estimates, it is expected to arrive at the end of this year.


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