Good News for These 39 Altcoin Investors!

Pavilions Hotels & Resorts partnered with Coindirect to offer customers the option to pay with cryptocurrencies. There are 38 more names on the list, together with the king crypto Bitcoin and the president altcoin Ethereum. The new service, which will be available on July 7, greatly expands the usage areas of cryptocurrencies. Additionally, the International boutique hotel cluster will also accept crypto bookings. The news is as follows…

Payment with cryptocurrencies will be accepted in hotels, 39 altcoin projects are on the list!

First of all, guests of Pavilions Hotels & Resorts will be able to pay with more than 40 cryptocurrencies, including Bitcoin and Ethereum, some of the largest assets by market price. Jesse Hemson-Struthers, CEO and co-founder of Coindirect, highlights the benefits of mutual stakeholder engagement, saying:

We are proud to provide our partners with a platform for instant fiduciary payments with over 40 cryptocurrencies. Depending on the currency and position at the time of booking, guests can take advantage of paying in the cryptocurrency of their choice, offering greater freedom and a contemporary, personalized service.

Also, Gordon Oldham, founder and owner of Pavilions Hotels & Resorts, says payment flexibility is something guests will appreciate. Additionally, he revealed that the hotel cluster is proud to lead the division in the digital world with this exciting new crypto payment method.

It offers its customers the option of crypto money in different companies

Apart from Pavilions Hotels, The Pavilions Residences located in Phuket and Niseko will also accept cryptocurrency for property sales. Usage will be activated on July 7 and will be available as an option for customers on the hotel cluster’s official website.

Finally, Cryptocoin. com, this development is not the first hotel system to accept cryptocurrency. New Jersey-based hotel company Wyndham Hotels and Resorts has signed a stakeholder memorandum with international crypto startup Bakkt to try out a Bitcoin rewards program. In addition, customers can convert Bitcoins into cash or discounted catering cards. With this breakthrough, Bakkt will allow Bitcoin to reach millions of people.

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