Goldman Sachs Revenue Report, Q2 Total Revenue Exceeds Expectations

Investing. com – Goldman Sachs, in its earnings report for the second quarter, released on Tuesday, income stated that it exceeded and exceeded analyst assumptions.

The company reported total revenue of $15.39B with revenue of $15.02 per share. com surveys analysts had expected the company to earn $9.96 per share and $12.04B total revenue.

During the year, shares of Goldman Sachs rose 44%. The share sees the process Dow Jones

The index rose 14%.

Goldman Sachs Follows other major revenue reports in Finance

On Tuesday, JPMorgan reported revenue of $3.78 per share in the second quarter, with total revenue of $30.48B. Expectations were on the side of $3.16 per share, with total revenue of $30B.

First Republic Bank’s revenue on Tuesday exceeded analyst estimates, with revenue of $1.84 per share in the second quarter for a total revenue of $1.30B. investing. com analysts had expected revenue of $1.73 per share for a total revenue of $1.19B.

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