Founder of Aave (AAVE) Plans to Create a Twitter on Ethereum (ETH)

Stani Kulechov, founder of Aave (AAVE), suggested that his group create an Ethereum (ETH)-based version of Twitter.

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Kulechov’s proposal came in response to Twitter founder Jack Dorsey’s plan to create a new platform for DeFi on Bitcoin (BTC).

Social Media Plan from the Founder of Aave

Referring to Jack Dorsey’s announcement that he will create a Bitcoin-focused platform for DeFi, the founder of Aave talked about developing a Twitter on the Ethereum platform.

https://twitter. com/StaniKulechov/status/1416385933549654016

“If Jack plans to build Aave on Bitcoin, then Aave should build Twitter on Ethereum”

Kulechov also added that Jordan Lazaro Gustave, one of the founding partners of Aave, will also lead the project.

Dorsey has announced that he is starting a new study to create a platform for “non-surveillance, permissionless and decentralized financial services.” The founder of Twitter confirmed that the platform will primarily focus on Bitcoin and opened a Twitter account for the enterprise under the name “TBD”.

It was noted that Dorsey’s idea is similar to Ethereum. Dorsey is known for his disinterest in cryptocurrencies other than Bitcoin.

It is not clear now whether Kulechov’s plan is definitive, but to mention that someone from his group will lead the effort may indicate that the idea is certainly at some rank.

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