Ford invented a strange smelling perfume



We are all familiar with the perfumes of major automobile brands. Bentley, Prosche and Ferrari, with its perfume in the middle of these brands Ford also joined. But Ford’s perfume does not smell pleasant like the perfumes of other automobile brands. It is stated that it has a very different smell.

Ford produced a perfume that smells like a gas station

Ford found that drivers switching to electric vehicles 70 percent

It turned out that missed the smell of fuel oil. Ford also discovered that fuel oil is a more recognizable smell than wine or cheese. Ford’s perfume that smells like a gas station: Eau GT. Ford introduces the fragrance from all over the world every year. Goodwood Sprint Festival exhibited.

Ford, less Mustang

A purely electric vehicle similar to Mustang MachE GT used this perfume for her promotion. Eau GT, Associate Perfumer at the British Association of Perfumers Pia Long

Made by . Long mixed the chemicals emitted from automobile interiors, engines and fuel oil with more classical scents such as sandalwood and geranium to give a pleasant perfume to people who will miss the smell of fuel oil. Good news; Ford announces Mach-Eau GT will never sell.


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