Foldable Rain from Xiaomi: 7 Foldable Phone Patents All at Once!

Multiple innovative smartphone manufacturers think that the future of smartphones lies in the foldable form factor, and they are working and investing accordingly. As a result, we have seen a lot of foldable smartphones in the last period and we will see many more in the future. Some of them are Xiaomi

It will come from . And too many!

Chinese smartphone manufacturer Xiaomi has multiple foldable smartphone, and we’ll likely see one of them launch later this year.

With foldable screen 7 different phone design patents from Xiaomi, so we will see different kinds of foldable devices very often in the future. In the middle of these are the foldable phones in wallet form, the ones in notebook form, and even the foldable smartphone with the largest screen ever. You can view the patent sample here.

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