Finalist Emojis for the New Emoji Pack Announced

One-to-one connection was replaced by phones first, then social media and finally emojis. No one would have guessed that it would come to this point, but emojis, with new ones added every year, are now plays a big role in electronic connection. So much so that most of us can deduce a few different meanings from a thrown ‘OK’ emoji.

The list of emojis that can be included in the upcoming ‘Emoji 14’ package was also published two days before World Emoji Day (July 17). In the middle of the final emojis, there are ‘melting smiley face’, ‘low battery’, ‘disco ball’ and a few new hand shapes. There is a hand-made heart in the middle of the new emojis in hand, and a hand pointing to the person who sees; no longer you know who to throw which emoji.

Many emojis in the list have the possibility to be published

The release of the new emojis was delayed this year due to the panda because applications were delayed until April. Finalization of this published draft list by the Unicode Consortium will find the month of september but in general, many emoji candidates that fall on this list qualify for publication.

The final versions of emojis are expected to arrive on different devices and platforms by the end of 2021 with the prestige of 2022. Tracked on race and gender in new emoji pack inclusive state in progress because as you can see in the photos, there are many different colors in the new emojis.


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