Features of 12th generation Intel processors leaked

Intel, recently Alder Lake has confirmed that the 12th generation processors will use Golden Cove and Gracemont cores.

Core i9-12900K, Core i7-12700K and Core i5-12600K

The technical specifications of the models have been leaked.

Here are the technical specifications of the 12th generation Intel processors

Intel on 11th generation processors Cypress Cove

It used kernels with codename . Continuing to work on 12th generation processors, the company named the new processor core Golden Cove.

Kernels called Golden Cove in performance requirement will come to the rescue of users. If Gracemont nuclei are streaming music and downloading documents Golden Cove will lighten the load of the kernels.

For AMD 5950X 16 cores

The i9-12900K, which comes up with , is unfortunately unlike the 5950X. to 24 threads owned. Also in the processor 30MB L3 Cache is available. Golden Cove kernels 5.3 GHz, If Gracemont kernels 3. 9GHz can reach the clock face.

Analysts, i9-12900K thanks to Golden Cove cores gaming performance, he states that he can keep up with the AMD 5950X.

You have 12 cores and 20 threads

who has i7-12700K, 11600K and 10600K models, for example, with performance costs. 25MB L3 Cache

Golden Cove cores in the i7-12700K model, which will be introduced at price 5. 0GHz, while Gracemont kernels 3. 8GHz has a clock face.

10 cores and to 16 threads on i5-12600K processors 20MB L3 Cache available. Golden Cove cores in the i5-12600K model 4. 9GHz and Gracemont kernels 3. 6GHz has a max clock face.

Alder Lake, PCIe 5.0 and DDR5 will be the first processor series to support it. Intel 12th generation processors are assumed to be introduced in the last quarter of 2021.


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