Feature to Make Your Instagram Account Safer

Even though TikTok is mostly seen in the news about security, we have not seen that any social media platform gives full confidence to its users. But all of these platforms, although we can’t completely trust them, to improve security levels they are always doing work.

Instagram, one of the social media platforms that work in the field of security, this time. Security Checkup with its feature. With this new feature, Instagram users will see the movements in their accounts more comfortably and their accounts will be taken away, in this way. bi will get pretty hard. Here are the details:

Account activity, profile information and many more information can be monitored:

In the middle of the features that Instagram will offer with the Security Checkup feature; monitoring logins to the account, viewing profile info, which you have linked to your Instagram account control of your other accounts such as phone number, e-mail and Facebook exists.

Apart from Security Checkup, Instagram also offered several other systems to keep your account safe. In the middle of the systems recommended by the platform two-step verification and updating your contact information – email and phone number – were also included.

Additionally, Instagram will never give you will not send messages personally says. For this reason, you should never believe people who introduce themselves as the official account of Instagram. In addition suspicious content and accounts your reporting is recommended. Finally, by emphasizing two-step verification again, it is recommended to activate this feature, which allows notifications to be sent during account login. This way, when a device you don’t know wants to access your account, you can your ability to see and reject

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