Fast Saga Becomes First Movie To Earn $500M In The Pandemic

Millions of moviegoers have been waiting with great excitement for a long time. Fast and Furious 9, finally released worldwide. Almost all action enthusiasts around the world, especially in the USA, are currently focused only on the last movie of the Fast and Furious series. Statistics about the cinema show that the interest shown in Fast and Furious 9 how big is it reveals it.

According to Deadline’s statements, Fast and Furious 9 has a total of 50 countries where it was released outside the USA. $374 million has won. When the US market is added to this, the total revenue is, Over $500M. So the fact that Fast & Furious 9 broke the $500 million grossing record is now just an problem.

Fast & Furious 9’s global gross exceeds $500 million

It is also very valuable for Hollywood that the cinema has exceeded the threshold of 500 million dollars. Because since 2019No Hollywood movie has managed to reach $500 million in revenue. Of course coronavirus pandemic also affected this situation, but department sources state that it is valuable for a movie to reach $ 500 million in revenue while the pandemic is still going on.


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