Facebook to Invest $1 Billion in Content Creators

Facebook has announced that it will make a giant investment of 1 billion dollars to support the content producers on its platforms. With this investment, content producers are rewarded for the original and successful content they produce. He will be able to receive payments from Facebook in certain sizes.

Payments that will be presented with different concepts, ‘bonus programs’

It will be given under the name if certain criteria are met. Bonus programs, which are not available to everyone at the moment, will expand their scope over time, according to the statement from Facebook.

There are different bonus programs for Facebook and Instagram:

As you know, Facebook is not a platform that is on the agenda, especially in terms of ‘content production’, it would not be wrong to say that it is active only in terms of game broadcasts. . However, it is expected that there will be a movement with Facebook’s new bonus programs. The first of the bonus programs that are currently only available for invite-only creators In-Stream bonus. With the In-Stream bonus, publishers on Facebook will be eligible to receive bonus payments for four months if they use the in-stream advertising feature.

Another bonus program for Facebook again Stars Challenges. With this bonus program, publishers on the platform will definitely get paid as they reach their goals. Payments will occur monthly and continue for three months.

The first bonus program on Instagram is for IGTV. IGTV didn’t have the effect Facebook had imagined on Instagram, but Facebook seems to want to change that. IGTV ad feature

In the bonus program, which will be valid for content producers who have activated , content producers will be able to earn income from the ads in their images. In addition, a one-time payment will also be made when the advertising feature is activated for the first time. The feature is currently only available in the US.


Bonuses are also available for live streaming and Reels. on air content producers who achieve certain purposes will get badges and get bonuses. Content producers who pass the obvious stages by producing original and creative content for Reels will have the chance to earn bonuses. These bonuses, which will be given under the name of the Reels Summer bonus program, compared to the performances of reals images will take shape.


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