Facebook Messenger introduces talking emojis feature

With more than 1.5 billion monthly active users, instant messaging software Facebook Messenger has become the most common way to describe ourselves. Application, voice and video call includes its features. In this way, people can communicate with each other in a more interactive way.

Apps like Messenger have a common problem; we can’t convey our feelings as they are. Due to the nature of text messaging, we are unable to convey our ideas for the moment. Facebook, which is not indifferent to this problem, allows users to strengthen their connection with each other thanks to the emojis in the application. But the company realized that there are situations where emojis are not enough. “Soundmoji” introduced its brand new feature.

Synthesis of sound and emoji: What is Soundmoji?

Soundmoji, which has never been seen before, is the voice of a regular emoji. For example, when you send someone a smiley word of speed, a small icon will go away; Thanks to soundmoji, the laughing effect will play in the background as soon as you send that smiley speed. In this way, you will express your instant feeling to the other person more effectively.

Soundmoji feature July 17 World Emoji Day

Introducing to its pride this week, Facebook announced that more than 2.4 billion people send messages to each other with emojis on Messenger every day. He mentioned that it offers users a large library of dozens of soundmojis. Adding that it will enlarge the library by adding brand new sounds at regular intervals, Facebook underlined that consumers can host different experiences in this way.

Famous artists and serials will also have voices

Just laugh, clap, laugh, etc. in the Soundmoji feature. There will be no easy sound effects. According to Facebook’s statement, users will be able to send the sounds of famous artists and TV series to each other. In this context, as of now Bridgerton, Fast & Furious 9, Brooklyn Nine-Nine

Short sound effects for popular productions such as have already been added to the platform. Brand new soundmojis will also be available in the coming days.

To use Soundmojis, first start a random chat in the Messenger app. Then on the conversation screen to smiley face expression

Tap , then select the speaker icon. You can use the soundmoji you like from the drop-down list, and you can also preview it before sending it.


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