Facebook and WhatsApp decision from Cuba

Public protest in Cuba is one of the agenda items of the last days. Cuba government’s decision against the movements drew attention. Cuban administration, Facebook and WhatsApp including many social media and communication has restricted its applications. Announcing the restriction NetBlocks happened.

Cuban government imposes restrictions on Facebook and WhatsApp

Due to economic difficulties Cuba

Reflection and movements of the people on worldwide reverberates in all press organs. In the country, problems such as inability to access basic goods and power cuts arise. economic crisis is happening. That’s why people are protesting the administration.

Cuban government against protests Facebook and WhatsApp has decided to restrict many social media and communication applications. government on social media USA

He stated that financed and manipulated the facts. In addition, according to the Cuban administration, it is one of the valuable factors behind the protests. social media and communication has applications.

London based NetBloks, on the other hand, made a statement in Cuba; Facebook, WhatsApp, Instagram and Telegram

He stated that there was a partial problem on Monday and Tuesday on . NetBlocks manager Alp Toker

(mtag101705) stated that there are restrictions in Cuba.

On the other hand, for the decision taken by the Cuban administration, Facebook Reuters

He made a statement to . Facebook said it opposes the restriction and that this decision should be reversed as soon as possible.


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