Explanation about studio purchases from Xbox!

Xbox continues to take sides in the game world. The company, which has accomplished successful works especially in the new generation, seems to be happy with the situation. Those who want to strengthen their own platforms by buying some game studios Xbox front announced that plans will not be disrupted.

Commenting on the bet Phil Spencer, stated that they do everything for the convenience of the game world. In addition, Spencer, stated that he did not agree with the comments that the purchases were random.

Phil Spencer defended studio acquisitions!

Speaking to IGN Xbox manager argued that starting a game studio from scratch would be a pretty risky business. In addition, Phil Spencer considers it narrow-minded not to sell a studio that grew by taking risks. The manager, who argued that companies should be aware of the value of the system they created, continued his words as follows:

“Of course, not every company has to sell their studio. But starting a studio from scratch is pretty commonplace in today’s industry. Many will fail or remain small businesses. It’s not just that the game world is a finite issue. However, successful companies need to be aware of their value. I will congratulate every studio that reaches its true value, whether it is a sale or not. ”

Microsoft will continue to buy studios!

Especially Bethesda

of Microsoft

With ‘s possession, the game world almost moved from place to place. Making a statement about the bet last year, Microsoft CEO’water Satya Nadella, stated that the company’s acquisitions were not finished yet. In fact, it was later revealed that the company, which allegedly added some Japanese developers to the list, did not take any steps in this regard. Phil Spencer personally refuted the theses. Manager, Microsoft “so” announced that he did not shop.

Recently Hideo Kojima allegedly agreed with front wants to grow its ecosystem in the gaming world. Each attack of the company, whose name is mentioned with the companies and names with arguments, is also welcomed by the players. ‘Cause every game Xbox Game Pass and does not pay any extra money. Microsoft, has become the darling of the players.

Let’s see which game developer will be the next stop of the company? You can share your assumptions about this bet with us.


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